Outdoors Ambassadors

Introducing our Outdoors October Ambassadors

Check In to the outdoors this October with our fantastic team of Ambassadors! They will be connecting you with nature and want you to get outside to enjoy the range of outdoor recreation experiences around Western Australia.

Andy Wahid chair of Outdoors WA, Andrew Liddawi founder of Break-the-Boundary, Jen Wardle owner Rock ‘n Roll Mountain Biking, Dr Michael Crouch  General Practitioner and outdoor adventurer. Mark from Life of Py blogger, bushwalker and nature lover Will share their adventures to inspire West Australians of all ages and abilities to shake off the cobwebs and get outside.

Follow Andrew and Jen as they hit the dirt on their rides through Perth’s hills. Mike and Mark want you to connect with nature for the positive physical and mental health benefits. Their photos, quotes and actions will be shared on Facebook at www.facebook.com/OutdoorsOctober and at #OutdoorsOctober on Instagram.

Further Ambassador Information
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Andrew is the founder of Break-the-Boundary. He has turned a mountain bike accident into a quest to master hand cycling but to also take other Australians with physical disabilities along for the ride and beyond flat surfaces.

Jen Wardle
If you can’t beat them join them! Jen loves to take part in any activity, and regularly encourages women and girls to participate in outdoor recreation as well as facilitating families to get out and active.


If you are a media outlet and would like to meet with our ambassadors, please contact us, we would love to share the Go On, Get Outside message.