Educated by Nature

Cygnet Hall, LOT 6593 Hackett Drive, Crawley, Western Australia, Australia 6009

Educated by Nature is a small team of passionate nature educators: teachers and playworkers who assist children, parents and teachers to develop connections and learn within nature. The team is led by Daniel Burton and Trudi Bennett, qualified teachers specialising in outdoor classrooms. Their knowledge base has formed over many years through additional professional development, study tours and participation and presentation at various conferences. Emphasis is placed on engagement with current research, networks and mentoring relationships within Australia and internationally.

At Educated by Nature, staff participate fully in play by modelling sensory risk taking, wondering, adventuring, building and encouraging nature awareness. Programs combine freedom for children to live by their instinctive behaviour, with empathy and understanding for nature and each other. Educated by Nature believes this combination assists children to grow resilience through nature connection.

Educated by Nature currently offers programs through two main branches: Mud Pies Grove for early childhood aged children and Kids in Nature (KIN) Village for primary school aged children. Through these programs Educated by Nature aims to support the development of eight core elements (Guiding Principles) and through doing so, help to foster a deep love for the natural environment.

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