The SU WA Spring Camp caters to children of various school ages ranging from years 4 to 12 in a wide and diverse camping experience. The camps available are: 1) Make a Difference camp (MAD) will visit soup kitchens, community gardens, farms, refuges and detention centres and ask questions of each other; how can we make a difference with our lives. 2) My Cooling Rules - This camp will grow your passion for cooking, get your hands dirty learning new cooking skills and discovering food from different countries. 3) Performing Arts Camp - Participants will learn new performance skills, build on old ones and collectively create a group performance and have the space and freedom to express their own creativity. 4) Canoe camps (1 and 2) - Participants will be on a non-stop adventure as we go white water kayaking on the beautiful Murray River. You will learn how to paddle (or increase your knowledge) as we start on small rapids and advance to the trickier stuff. Experience instructors and leaders will assist you in gaining sweet white water skills, with the week culminating in an awesome down-river expedition! Off the water we will be camping by the river, eating hearty food, hanging out around the campfire, playing games with a bunch of new friends.
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