Forest Therapy Little Adventurers - Banksia Hill Loop Workshop

Forest Therapy Little Adventurers - Banksia Hill Loop Workshop

Wed, October 19, 2021 4:15 pm - 5:45 pm
Banksia Hill - Kent St Weir Car Park 5, Kent St, Canning

Little Adventures for the Family

Little Adventurers is a Nature Workshop with a vision of encouraging families to live a healthier lifestyle by spending more time being active outdoors, connecting with Nature. Time in nature is not leisure time; it’s an essential investment in our children’s health. Nature play promotes development of fine and gross motor skills, including coordination, balance, agility, grip, and manipulation of materials. Nature play also provides opportunities for building social and emotional skills such as resilience, confidence, cooperation, teamwork, concentration and attention. It’s much more fun to build a sand castle or a cubby with friends! But there are also opportunities for quiet reflection and being alone, also very important in our hurried lives.

What does the 90 min workshop include:
Forest Therapy Bushwalk – up to 2km
Nature Exploring Activities (changes weekly)
10min guided children’s meditation
Afternoon Tea (Biscuits, Juice, Tea & Coffee)

What you stand to gain:
Improve concentration, learning, creativity, cognitive development, cooperation, flexibility and self-awareness.
A deeper connection with Nature
Healthier mindset, Healthier lives

Nature Exploring Activities:
Activities vary each week but can include: Arts Therapy with Nature Themes, Bird-watching, Critter Hunting, Bush-walking, Dip-netting, Fungi Forays, Nature Play Passport Missions, Nature study, Orienteering, Rock climbing, Treasure Hunts and Tree climbing

$7.50 per person - max 20
This is a family workshop therefore Parent participation is required with their child.

Payment Terms - Payment can be made via Paypal or cash on day. Please RSVP Yes if you wish to attend then head to the link below to book.

Please meet a Kent St Weir Carpark 5 mins prior to start.

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