Karijini Adventure

Karijini Adventure

Wed, October 3, 2021 - Sun, October 7, 2021 All Day
Karijini National Park, Karijini, National Park

Karijini Adventure

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After a successful trip in April earlier this year, we are looking to book in another trip for this season, as well as one for next year. The dates for theses trips are;

Wednesday 3/10/18 - Sunday 7/10/18 

Wednesday 17/4/19 - Sunday 21/4/19

Both would need to meet minimum number requirements to proceed. This can either be in the form of an entire party, comprising of you and your family/friends, OR a party made of individuals or smaller groups.

We need at least 6 people per trip, to make this adventure happen, and can take up to 12 people each trip.

This trip is open to anyone, even if you have not been on an adventure with us, or have no previous abseiling experience, so you can invite you family and/or friends who have as yet not joined us. The minimum age is 14, unless this person can convince me that they are capable of the trip, which can be decided on the training day. There is no maximum age (the oldest person I have take through Karijini to date is 84). You do need a relatively good level of fitness for this trip. Please contact us if you have any doubts about your level of fitness.

Everyone coming on this trip would need to come out for a full day of abseil training with us (even if you have done a trip with us already). This training day is included in the price. The date of the training day, is to be fixed as one that suits everyone coming and as close to the date we fly out as possible.

If on the training day it turns out that either we feel, or you feel, that this is not for you, a full refund will be issued, minus the $139 for the training day.

The trip would be comprised of 5 canyons/gorges as listed in the order below. The entire trip would be over 5 days.

We would be camping in tents at the Eco Retreat Camp Grounds, which have hot showers and drop toilets, a full service restaurant and bar, and an option to upgrade to an Eco Tent at your own expense. Please contact the Karijini Eco Retreat of this.
Standard tents will be supplied by us, with a tent for each person, unless you wish to share. You can bring your own tent if you like (please check with us to see if your tent is suitable).

There is no reduction in pricing of you choose to bring your own tent or share a tent. Sleeping mats and bags would need to be provided by you.

Any gear that you may need, that we don’t provide, can be purchased through Mainpeak in Cottesloe at up 20% off standard retail on presentation of your booking confirmation (a cheap way to get great gear for your future adventures).

FUN FACT; Canyon & Gorge are interchangeable, both meaning formed by water erosion over time. To travel through either is called Canyoning 😉

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DAY 1. Travel & Arrive

The first day would be comprised of a flight from Perth to Paraburdoo Airport, bus to the Eco Retreat, setting up camp and settling in.
We arrive at the Eco Retreat around 1630, with a comprehensive briefing over dinner. After dinner we would watch the sun set over the Savannah of Karijini, enjoying a drink for those that wish it. The first night’s sunset drink is on us 😉

DAY 2. Joffre Gorge Paddle

This stunning gorge is only operated by us, and we believe is the hidden jewel of Karijini 😉 It is the longest trip we will do, and requires the whole day 0800-1700 to complete.

We walk into the gorge from the Eco Retreat, and spend the day paddling on rubber tubes with custom made paddles for the entire length of this amazing gorge, which includes waterfalls, beautiful red banded iron stone walls up to 100m high, turquoise crystal clear waters, wildlife, serenity and the ancient ambiance that is Karijini. We journey all the way to Junction Pool, where we exit via the Centre of the Earth, up the Chute via a hand line, and climb out on ropes (approx. 10m) on to a ledge overlooking the stunning Jimmy Regan’s Pool. We then via ferrata along the ledge to Kermit’s Pool, to exit via the Spider Walk and the rest of Hancock Gorge.

This is a full day and you will be one of the very few that have done this amazing adventure 😉

DAY 3. Weono Gorge 45m Waterfall Abseil

The second trip of this adventure will be a shorter gorge, but with no less excitement!!! 😉 We enter the gorge via Handrail Pool, again using our tubes to paddle to Jade Pool (aptly named due to its jade coloured water), where we via ferrata into the Amphitheatre to commence our practise abseils. After completing these, we will hook in for the 45m Waterfall decent!!! This awesome water fall plunges deep into the heart of Karijini. Once at the bottom we will break for lunch and then exit the same way as the Joffre Gorge trip via Junction Pool and Hancock Gorge

DAY 4. Knox Gorge Waterslide & Red Gorge Paddle

This will complete the canyon part of our Karijini Adventure, with an awesome water slide into Knox Gorge, followed by a small abseil (approx. 8m) into Red Gorge, where will spend most of the day paddling the entire length of the gorge to Junction Pool and exit the same way as the the other two trips…which is a view I don’t believe you will tire of 😉

We will also have a quick look around the corner up Wittenoom Gorge, which is a multi-day Canyoning, Bushwalking & Camping trip we are working on. This might entice you to join us in the future 😉

DAY 5. Hamersley Gorge, Circular Pool, Visitor’s Centre & Return to Perth

On the last day, after packing up camp and breakfast at the Eco Retreat, we would head off to Hamersley Gorge, Circular Pool and the Karijini Visitor’s Centre. We would have a packed lunch to have at Circular Pool, along with a swim.
We would depart for Perth from Paraburdoo at 1630, and arrive back in Perth around 1800.


The cost of the trip includes; at least one expert qualified canyon guide (depending on numbers), flights, car hire, accommodation, gear needed to complete the canyon trip (wetsuits, harnesses, helmets, ropes, packs etc), tents (if needed) and food for the trip until the flight home.

Breakfast and Dinner will be at the Eco Retreat each day. We will have a packed lunch in the Canyons during the trips, and lunch at the Retreat on the first and last day. Dietary requirements will be catered for. Except for the first drink on the first night, alcohol is not included in the food pricing.

The cost person has been kept as low as possible.

The price for this UNIQUELY AWESOME experience, is;

$3135.00 per person (children at adult pricing as the same amount of time & money is spent for the trip)

We genuinely feel we have done our best to keep the price as low as possible and inline, if not below, similar products within WA. We understand that flying to some parts of Asia, might be cheaper, but things being set up as they are in WA, internal flights and associated costs are higher.

If you would like to make you own way to Karijini and provide for yourself with regards to food, entry and camping fees, as well as food outside of the gorge, we are happy to only charge you for the guiding, transport to and from the gorges, and food in the gorge component. The practise day in Perth would also be included, as this is mandatory for all participants to ensure that everyone can complete the canyons safely.

$1675.00 per person (children at adult pricing as the same amount of time & money is spent for the trip)

As we need to pre-book well in advance, we would need to secure full payment of either amount by the 30ht of August.
In the event of not meeting minimum numbers, we would issue a full refund.

If we get enough interest we will be booking consecutive trips, so no one has to miss out 😉

If you have any question, and/or to make your payment, please call us on
0423 182 663 or email us at spacechameleon@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you and making this AWESOME Adventure happen.


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