Rock Climbing-Introductory

Rock Climbing-Introductory

Sun, October 9, 2021 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Boya Mountain Quarry, Coulston Rd, Boya

Rock Climbing Adventure - Full Day

Enter The Vertical World!

Ever wondered how to Frog Step, Cross Over, Bump, Elvis Leg or Rock On? You won’t be dancing these moves but you will be rock climbing.

Adventure Out’s Rock Climbing program, is designed for those with little or no rock climbing experience and wish to either start or extend their rock climbing abilities in the outdoors. Compared to indoor climbing, outdoor rock climbing requires you to choose your own route, thereby increasing the difficulty and complexity of the activity.  As such, outdoor rock climbing gives you a greater sense of personal challenge and achievement.

The day begins with a training session on safety equipment, communication and climbing protocol, tying onto a rope, and belaying the climber. You will also be instructed on various moves and techniques to improve your climbing style and to aid you in climbing difficult walls. Climbs are set up throughout the crag to allow you to experience various pitches and difficulties throughout the day. Instructors are on hand to assist and advise while you climb.

Our Rock Climbing Adventure is a great introduction to rock climbing in the outdoors and is a great lead up to Adventure Out’s Introductory Rock Climbing program.

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