10 Great Outdoors October Event Ideas

 1.     Come and Try Day

Are you looking for new members? Have you been thinking about running an event to encourage people to come and try YOUR activity? Outdoors October is the month to do it! Register with Outdoors October and we will list your event on our website for free.

2.     Club Event

Do you have a club event coming up in October? Do you want to build your member and spectator base?  Register with Outdoors October and we will list your event on our website for free.

3.     Participation Event

Has your organisation thought about running an event that encourages participation in outdoor recreation or your particular activity, in your area/s? Now is a good time to get planning and promote through the searchable Outdoors October website.

4.     Training Event

Do you need more trained leaders to run your activities? Encourage people to get trained in October and be ready for the summer. Do you need to do training to participate in your activity? Provide opportunities for participants to be trained and they may become hooked!

5.     Partner with an existing event/organisation

Are you lacking the time and resources to run your own event? Why not encourage your members to attend another organisation’s event and see what you learn. Do you want to share the costs of an event? Why not partner with another organisation and run your events at the same location.

6.     Take it outside event

Do you have an activity that you always do indoors? Embrace Outdoors October and take the activity outdoors. Engage with local schools and get them learning outside the classroom.

7.     Change of Scene

Do you always run your activity in the same place? Run an event in a new place or take your members on a trip to a new location. Tell us about it and get it promoted.

8.     Equipment Hire/Second Hand Equipment Sale

Is the cost of equipment making it hard for people to participate? Why not provide access to cheaper alternatives.

9.     Holiday Event Weekend

Are you running an event on the October long weekend? Is the event location also a great place for a holiday? Maybe you could encourage participation by providing an opportunity to turn the event into a holiday.

10.   Activity Fact Sheets

Develop a fact sheet that provides a background on your activity and identifies opportunities for novices to get involved in their local area.